Finally, an update!

Greetings from sunny (muggy!) and historic New Bedford, Mass! I know we haven’t spoken in a while and for that I am very sorry. See, we’ve been touring (what else is new, yup.) with the likes of Pennywise & Strike Anywhere in Europe for a couple months which was awesome, what a great group of fellas and killer bands to boot! Plus we had the best bus driver ever, Hulo! What a sweet dude. Maximum brutal!

Then we went to BRAZIL for the first time, which was MINDBLOWING! Man, did they ever take care of us. CaCa, Fred, and Mauricio, (and the local crews and promoters!) thanks again for everything. And to everyone who came out and showed us so much love and enthusiasm, you’ll never know how much that means to us. I see Brazil as being a regular spot for us in the near future and it’s because of you guys! Look out, Australia, Brazil’s coming up on your heels in the best places ever dept.! Kisses to all.

And when I got home I found multiple boxes of the new vinyl EPs which means they are finally (after 7 months) done and shipped! If you got one from the first pressing, you may notice the track listing is backwards, so it’s like having one of those old error baseball cards from back in the day where they would screw up Ellis Burks’s name so it says Ellis Fucks or something. Pretty cool I think. Lyrics will be up shortly on the site. Hey wait a minute, is this a NEW website?! Awesome, it looks cool! Thanks to Ben, good job sir!

Upon returning from Brazil, Bri and Mike flew home (to Toronto and Detroit, respectively) to reconnect with family and chill; reenergize the batteries. Most of you may or may not know, these guys spend most of the year either on tour or staying with us in Mass and for this they are both rock and roll as fuck and have my eternal respect to the highest level. It’s not easy being away from family 10 or 11 months every year but these guys make these sacrifices for music and that’s a big deal to me. You guys may love their musical prowess, but I’m their biggest fan, so back off! Hehe. I look forward to having them back in July…

…In which we’ll start arranging/writing songs together for the new album. Actually, Nick and I have already starting frustrating each other, er, I mean, jamming together and it’s just like old times, eh Nick? See writing songs with Nick consists of us both glaring at each other, me telling him his cymbals are too loud, and us taking lots of coffee breaks. That’s all I remember from our sessions, and somehow we write alot of songs together this way. I don’t understand it either, but it works. We start recording in August, and I’m thrilled. I love making full length albums more than anything and I am psyched to see where we go with this new material.

In the middle of recording, we’re gonna fly out to Winnipeg to do the Red River Rampage with Comeback Kid which should be sick and we can show off our studio beards! Since we can’t get enough of the sweet gentlemen in Comeback Kid, we’ll be supporting them on their headline Canadian tour in September! We’ll be smack dab in the middle between Living With Lions (YES!) and Madball (Legendary!) so that tour will be a banger and a half! This will also give us an opportunity to hit up the U.S. midwest that we seem to be neglecting based on the emails we’ve been getting from you guys. So Chicago, Ohio, MI, ND, MT, WA, we’re comin’ for you! and a little bird (or was it a Dingo?) told me we’re working on Costa Rica for the first time before the end of the year which is another on the dream list.

Gotta run and play with the new gear that just came in, yay! As always, thanks for the support and thanks for reading this!

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  1. This is all amazing. The new site is friggin insane and the forum is gonna be super rad! God bless AWS and bring on the new album, bangers galore please!

  2. Hey man, We all from Brazil hope to see you guys very very soon. The most of us decided this show was the best show of our lives.
    Brazil is now your home too and We'd love to receive you guys every year!

    Thanks again for the best show of our lives! Brazil is waiting for you guys again!

    It's a photo from SP. Check it out ->

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